Seven different clubs with different contexts...



For the design enthusiasts that see the world through a colourful lens. This club lives to experience, seek opportunities and sets the standard for living with no limitation. The club that celebrates those who don’t want to follow the system, choose experience over comfort and are always on the lookout for a story to tell. The Classic Club encourages you to follow your intuition, have an open-mind, be creative and discover your unique self. 

Classic Club 2.0:

Classic Club 2.0 connects people who always aspire to have the latest trends. For those who pay attention to the finer details and foster beauty, communication and connections between those in their crowd. Those in the Classic Club 2.0 are the influencers of society, who people look to for style inspiration and reliable design direction. Classic Club 2.0 members put trends in motion and allow the rest of the world to follow. A club that represents status, style and cultural trends where deep connection is made.


The Chroma Club salutes brave style choices and vivid design. For the thrill seekers and jokers who are looking to discover their potential through creativity. Passionate about making connections, being inclusive and welcoming new territories. For those who live impulsively, wholeheartedly and are the natural free spirits of society. 


The Cosmopolitan Club is for those who desire to explore the world around them. To celebrate different cultures within society and the varied style it can bring. For the ones who flourish and look out to discover new places, people and experiences. The Cosmopolitans enjoy learning about and exploring themselves. They are willing to go against the grain to discover new styles that can be found further afield. 


The club that connects with the spiritual executives. Those who take charge of their style and command centre stage with reserved effort. The Essence Club invites those whose style is personal and meaningful to them. Expressive individuals who are admired by all for their individuality and eloquent design choices. If you are in this club you always seek the better version of yourself and encourage others to do the same. 



The Power Club speaks to the leaders of society. Those who are imaginative, inventive and seek to bring meaning and value to those around them. The Power club celebrates confident style, aspiring aesthetic and leading design possibilities. For the charismatic motivators that value the importance of style, class and ruling design movements.


The Sunday Club members are the content, peace achievers. Those who crave wholesome experiences and thrive off of the local community. For the lovers who seek peace, contentment and understanding. Optimists who only see the good, the beautiful and have the finest eye for design. Pure at heart with good intentions and seek harmony between one another.